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    Egypt is a dazzling destination in northeast Africa and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Home to ancient Pharaohs, sand-covered tombs, tall temples and pyramids, and treasures, Egypt brings out the adventurer in travellers. The country combines the best of every destination with vast desert tracts, stunning beaches, the famous Nile River, and rich cultural history, and provides an exciting holiday destination.

    Libya borders Egypt to the west, Sudan borders it to the south, and the Gaza strip and Israel are to the east, linking the country to the Middle East. Furthermore, the Red Sea hugs the country on the east side, while the glittering Mediterranean Sea sits to the north of the country. The impressive landscape consists of the Sahara Desert and the Libyan Desert, peppered with lush oases, as well as long stretches of beautiful coastline and the fertile Nile River Valley. Each region boasts an abundance of fauna and flora—adapted to the sometimes harsh climate of the country.

    Major attractions include the famous Nile River Valley, the Valley of the Kings, and Giza’s Necropolis and the Great Sphinx. The capital city is Cairo, which boasts Ottoman landmarks, and there are numerous popular beach destinations such as Sharm el-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Luxor, and the Gulf of Aqaba.

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    Travellers can expect an impressive natural world combined with ancient treasures and bustling coastlines. The country boasts a powerhouse of outdoor recreation to suit any discerning traveller and pocket, and no matter where travellers choose to go, they’ll find the perfect base for exploring the country. The arid desert regions are magnificent and offer some of the best stargazing in the world. With minimal light pollution, an authentic experience in the desert means fantastic opportunities to capture the galaxy above.

    Intrepid travellers can embark on a journey through the desert when they book a camel or horseback safari, while those seeking a thrill can glide along vast dunes with a sandboarding experience. History buffs and culture vultures can step back in time when they visit the millennia-old monuments that have stood the test of time. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and is truly something exceptional to marvel at.

    Those wanting a break from the desert can head to one of the many beaches and enjoy some fun in the sun along the Mediterranean coast or the Red Sea. Diving safaris are incredible and provide insight into the magical underwater wonderland—home to an abundance of marine life.

    Egypt boasts about 100 different mammal species. However, many are considered endangered or threatened. Over the decades and centuries, explorers have found rock art in desert areas with drawings of giraffes, gazelles, and herds of cattle, which prove the area had a wetter climate years ago. Today, the remaining wildlife include the Dorcas gazelle, the Barbary sheep, Rüppell’s fox, the lesser Egyptian jerboa, and the Giza gerbil.

    Furthermore, there are approximately 106 reptile and amphibian species, including snakes, lizards, geckos, scorpions, and crocodiles. Over 36 different kinds of snakes are found in Egypt. These include cobras, horned vipers, and sand boa. Once prominent in Egypt, the Nile crocodile is now only found in Lake Nasser. For birders, the Nile Valley and the Delta region boast an abundance of birdlife. With over 480 species of bird, including globally endangered species, the country is a great destination for birding enthusiasts.

    Egypt boasts a wide variety of accommodation options to suit any discerning traveller. Guests can choose from luxury hotels and lavish resorts set in lush oases to vibrant guesthouses, and idyllic bed and breakfast options. Those choosing to stay in resort towns and cities like Sharm El-Sheik and Luxor can expect high-quality facilities such as international restaurants, swimming pools, spas, and golf courses. A popular choice for a night is desert camping—an option that provides an authentic experience in the desert and a night under the dazzling stars.

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    Generally, Egypt is a year-round destination, especially for diving. However, temperatures during the summer months—between May and October—tend to soar, which can often prevent tourists from doing certain things. From October to April, which are the winter months, the weather is mild and provides ample opportunities to explore the bustling streets, enjoy the stunning coasts, and adventure out into the desert.

    Time ZoneGMT +2
    Dial Code+20
    CurrencyEgyptian Pound
    LanguageArabic and English
    WaterBottled Water
    PowerPlug C/F & 220V/50Hz
    Dress CodeConservative
    Wi-FiReadily available

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